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Hero HF-Deluxe has been launched in India at price 46,630(Ex-showroom price).Old Hero Honda two wheeler motor company name was changed to Hero Motor Crop limited on 29 July 2011.The new brand identity and logo of Hero Motor Crop were developed by British firm Wolff Olins. Hero Motor Company and Honda Motor Company's brake through after the collapse, Hero Crop starting giving their logo on all their up coming Bikes. Mostly people like this bike in India...

New Hero HF-Deluxe has been updated iBS (Integrated Braking System).iBS is now Available in Standard in i3S variant.

Design and Styling:- 

This Bike over all look is best compare to other bike. This bike look is very amazing and perfect, All body area covered by best color scheme. Fuel tank on completely finish and used in advance graphics and Logo.This bike has a fairy strong metric. Highest ground clearness, a long comfortable seat, advance technology engine, Normal Halogen Lamp and turn indicator with transplant. Best finish on grabber part for pillion. 17 Inch alloy wheels with tubeless tyre, Normal Drum Brakes both side. Engine compartment best glossy finish in black color. 
"Hero HF-Deluxe" available in five variant- (Ex-shworoom price)

  • HF Deluxe Spoke Kick Start                               38,900/-

  • HF Deluxe Alloy Kick Start                                 39,910/-

  • HF Deluxe Spoke Self Start                                46.640/-

  • HF Deluxe Alloy Self Start                                  47,600/-

  • HF Deluxe Eco                                                     48,820/-


Engine performances:-

Dis.-                    97.2cc       
Starting-        Kick and Self

Mileage-           82.7kmpl                

Tyre Type-     Tubeless

Max Power   8.36 ps  @ 7,000 rpm                  

Wheels TypeAlloy/Spoke
Kerb Weight- 109kg                               

Standard warranty type- 5 Years 

   Over Reviews:-
   "Hero HF-Deluxe" mostly selling in  India. This bike performances and design and body color scheme over all is good, a long comfortable seat, big ground clearness, big 17 inch alloy wheels with tubeless Tyres.And advance technology safety feature add in CBS (Combined braking system). CBS is good feature , CBS distributes braking force both ends even when only the rear brake applied. CBS ensure the rider and he control the bike immediately when panic or emergence situations.

Har safar ka sathi...

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