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 First Tvs Victor launched in 2001, when launched Victor immediately went on become to the most important motorcycle for Tvs Two Wheeler Motor Company. Some time after new product were introduced with time, major changes in Tvs Victor 

New Tvs Victor name has been revived a after long time, the present time gen bike has been launched to bridge the gap between The Star City Plus, Tvs Phoenix(125), Tvs Sport, and after that again launched New Advance Tvs Victor, Same Strong body, Same comfort, Same performance and good mileage.Change- New advances color scheme, Advances technology engine for new generation, Body style, And also avaiable in Disc brakes.

Engine performances:-

Dis.-   109.7cc    

Max power-  9.5HP @ 7,500rpm 

Max Torque- 9.4 NM @6,000rpm  '

Transmission- 6 speed  
Fuel supply-   carburetor                      

Standard warranty- 5 years

Tyre Wheels Suspension:-

Tyre size front - 2.75*17                   

Tyre size front - 3.00*17 

Brakes front   -  240mm(Disc)/  130mm(Drum)           

Brakes rear    -  130mm(Drum)                                                                                                                             
Suspension front -Telescopic suspension                

Suspension rear - Series spring suspension

Over Review:- 

New Tvs Victor performances over all best, Riding position is so good compare to other bike, Long comfortable seat, Good suspension, When the ride bike feeling Awesome, Long wheeles base Tyres, Engine performances is best, Generate Max power 9.4 NM @ 6,000 rpm, Big ground clearness, great mileage.
The well proportioned muscular contours reflect"TVS"contemporary approach for the reincarnated model. Styling has been tastefully which compliments the chiseled silhouette.  

                     Compare with - Tvs Radeon     


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