New Tvs Apache RTR 200 4V

 New Tvs Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition V2.0

Bhas comes with new advance features with price tag Rs 97,905 to 1.11lakh(ex-showroom price delhi).It make by new advance look for new generation. 

The structure is as yet a return to the past cruisers, however TVS turned the hostility far up with the 200. Head on, it would appear that a legitimate streetfighter, because of the right plan of the Draken idea continuing.
The latest version of the BRace Edition 2.0 meets a host of updates like a Fliescreen and Slipper Clutch, which TVS likes to call an anti-reverse torque unit, which reduces clutch effort and makes better

Design,style and looks:

A New generation bike fully loaded with advance color scheme and best graphics, which make them better and different compare to old version. The bike is ready in such a way that the new generation is going to enjoy the choice and they feel proud of their ride.

TVS Apache RTR 200 interests to the eyes of the adolescents the most, all gratitude to its more keen and sportier styling. The Bike gets a forceful looking headlamp with 'fiend horns' formed LED DRLs. The fuel tank gets some fresh edges and those sharp augmentations make the bicycle a flat out looker particularly when you investigate the side.

TVS are most interested in Apache RTR 200's amateurs, all thanked for its more curiosity and sportier style. The bicycle gets a strong-looking headlamp with LED DRLs with 'Finished Horn'. The fuel tank gets some freshness and they make the fast growth cycling a flat out, especially when you check the side.


  • New Tvs Apache RTR 200 4V has comes with dual channel-ABS with RPL control.
  • New generation Tvs Apache RTR 200 4V is equipped with features like back-lit, Speedometer. 
  • Front and rear both mudguard use in texture material with carbon finish.
  • New graphics design on fuel tank. 
  • Modify front look of New Tvs Apache RTR 200 4V

Engine performance:

RTR 200 4V has come single cylinder air cooled engine with advance technology, which produce max power 20.7 bhp at 8500rpm and maximum torque output 18.1nm at 7000rpm. Engine compartment use in 5 multiple gear system. 

Extra features: The Tvs Apache RTR 200 reduce that the clutch efforts and helps in easy gearshifts.
TVS Apache RTR 200 can complete a top speed of near 130 kmph and a dash from 0 to 60 kmph comes in simply 3.95 seconds. .  

Bike Reviews:

If the bike and style compartment are to be talked about, then it is in our segment.

Bike color scheme and graphics design is very good that makes it really good to make a new one. If the bike compartment is talked about, then the May 4th edition was added to the bike, which can greatly boost its power. Both ABS braking systems have been added to both the front and back, which makes its safety features safe and secure before it gets added to the new technology.

A lot of work has been done on its seat, which seems to be the prerequisite and attractive, and Smooth, which is better according to the ComfortTable, its front look has been replaced by a new look which is different compared to the earlier. Look of lotus too

I hope this bike will get new generation!!!

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