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New Upcoming Electric Scooter Twenty Two Motor Flow

Twenty Two Motor Flow 

 Twenty two motor Scooter Flow has been launched at a price tag of Rs 74,740 (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Auto Expo 2018.

Following 15 years of working with a portion of the top vehicle organizations on the planet, Parveen Kharb chose to turn business person. In 2016, he began Twenty Two Motors with a companion and prime supporter Vijay Chandrawat. This year, it displayed its first item, Flow, an electric bike, which will be accessible for request from April 2019.

The first product of Twenty-two is the electric scooter, which has a speed of 60 kmph per speed. With its help, the participant Li-ion battery is capable of reaching up to 80 km maximum.  

Twenty Two Motor Flow Advance Features: 

  • 22Flow hosts a galore of segment-first Advance features including 24x7 cloud-based advance connectivity, remote tracking via in-built geofencing feature and engine shutdown via a mobile app connectivity. 
  •  You can also switch between different other riding modes for increased scooter and battery performance.

  • Other extra features shred include LED headlight, tail lamp and turn indicators, cruise control and a hand over mode to park the scooter in the parking mode, with ease.
  • It also advanced light wait features KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) that enhances battery life by up to 6% and can be seen on F1 cars in weighing just 88kg. 

  • For guaranteeing better execution, the 22 Motors Flow electric scooter gets all-computerized support and an arrangement for putting away to two head protectors.

Twenty TWo Motor Flow Electric Engine performance: 

The 22 Motors Flow scooter build use of the DC(Direct Current) electric motor for running the scooter 22. The DC motor of the scooter is powered by the lithium-ion battery that is competent of getting fully charged in a matter of 5 around hours. The battery is knowing for offering an effective range of 80km on a single charging with the top speed of 60 km/hr. Besides, the company also offers an Extra battery that is the point at doubling the range of the scooter 22. The 22 Motors Flow electric scooter is able to generate Max. 90 Nm of peak torque.

Twenty Two Motor Flow Safety Features: 

22 Flow Scooter while more lightweight at 85 kg, the scooter recognizes telescopic front forks & high-expansible steel alloy wheels. The 22 Flow front side of the scooter also comes with an Advance hydraulic disc brake towards the front end, which gives them more safety features, when the rider has stopped the scooter in shock situation.  

Twenty Two Motor Flow Handling: 

22 Flow ensures better performance, 22 Motors Flow Electric Scooters receive an All-Digital Console

Some additional features of scooters that enhance its overall performance and handling include a cruise control system, reverse mode and drag mode, which allows you to use the scooter at the speed of crawling even in the case of punctures. SOS Very useful function is also.

22 Flow Overviews: 

Indigenous Scooter manufacturing company -Tonty to Motors launched the All-New 22 Motors Flow Electric Scooter in Auto Expo 2018. 22 Motors Flow is the first offering from the scooter manufacturing company and has switched high-grade uninstallation. Take AI (Artificial Intelligence), All-Digital Console, Electric Braking, and more. The manufacturer is fully prepared to prepare the scooter for sale with the introduction of a phased manner in the country. Twenty to Motors is the first scooter manufacturer in India to launch electric vehicles with the technique of artificial intelligence.

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