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Electric Bike Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400

New upcoming bike in India for New Generation Revolt RV 400 going to launch in the upcoming month June 2019 Expected time, with price tag 1.00Lakh around(ex-showroom price Delhi). RV-400 To grab the title of India's most feature-packed motorcycle in India, RV 400 claims to offer the highest range in the country.

India's New upcoming sports bike in India first AI empower a fully electric bike, the Revolt RV400 has been unveiled today. Set to launch within the next few upcoming months, the Revolt RV400 comes with multiple features which are a segment first for an electric motorbike.

Revolt Intellicorp has uncovered a large portion of the subtleties and highlights of the RV 400. Rahul Sharma, Founder of Revolt Intellicorp, has implied that there are more features that will be reported at the launch, and one of these could be voice actuation. Interested customers will probably pre-request the New Sports bike In India EV on the company site and Amazon India beginning 25 June.
The AI enabled electric motorbike receives an aggressive body style and ergonomics that offer a perfect and comfortable riding position. Set to attract a younger of buyers in the country, the Revolt RV400 not only mandate premium looks and attractive features but also comes in with intelligent technology set up.

Revolt RV 400 Looks And Features:

The feature list includes LED(DRL) daytime running lights, LED tail lamps and LED blinkers, full digital displays, An advance Bluetooth connectivity option, and smartphone apps with projector-style headlight. The premium hardware has opposite hands on the front side which gives it an aggressive look.

    Revolt RV 400's fully digital instrument tablet has an embedded 4G LTE SIM feature which provides Rider to use the Internet-based features of the New upcoming bike Electric in India RV400. Features can also be used with the help of a real-app app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The connected app can be used to find the location of the bike with a map cicerone, real-time bike information, battery range, and rating range, etc. Connected a unique and advance help feature can also be used to start or stop the bike, when the rider wants, from the use of a smartphone. The mobile app will be updated with mp3 space to upload documents, automatic updates for later battery charging through air updates.

    Revolt RV 400 Electric Engine Performance: 

    The rebellion has not yet disclosed the Revolt RV400 battery status, but according to officials allow, the RV can set a distance of 150 kilometers on a fully charged after. It is almost twice as close to its nearest rival. The top speed of the RV is 88 kmphr, which is definitely enough for daily traffic. During the exposure program, the company officials also said that it takes less than four hours for the battery to fully charge if it is installed in a 15-meter socket. In addition, the battery can also be exchange and portable at the same time and weighs about 18000grm.

      Revolt RV 400 Available In The Three Riding  Modes:

      Revolt RV 400 gets three separate riding modes first echo mode, second city mode and at last sport + which actually enlargement or decrement electric motorbike performance. First Eco mode helps to save the charge and returns the maximum range, while Sport + (second mode) mode highlights the full potential of a bike. According to the Revolt RV 400 officials, the performance of electric motorbike is equivalent to any 125cc motorbike in India.

      Revolt RV 400 Reviews:

      Revolt RV 400 is the most convenient New upcoming bike Electric in India available in India country at this time. Revolt RV400 obtain remote start, geo-fencing, advanced regenerative braking system, Bluetooth connectivity option, etc (As mentioned above). Additionally, it also gets four different false exhaust sound quality. Riders can also choose from four different rebate note options or even customize them by the away.

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