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Bajaj Urbanite E-Scooter

Bajaj Urbanite Chetak

Expected launching Date- Sep. 2019
Expected Price- 1.10lakh(Delhi)

Bajaj Two Wheeler Motor Company Bajaj E-Chetak Scooter Has Brought A Different Option To Its Old Lover Bajaj Chetak Scooter.

Bajaj is exploring the possibility of reviving one of its iconic scooter nameplates under Urban Umbrella. Sources reveal that three names were shortlisted - Chetak, Legend, and Stride. While there is a good brand of three names among the viewers, Chetak is very strong with ease.

As the biggest movers of now coming a month, we got to know more about Bajaj's electric sub-brand, Urbanite, and its first product, which would maybe be called Bajaj E-Chetak.

Bajaj E-Chetak Scooter, which may be called by Urbanite of Sub-brand, It's fully designed by old Bajaj Chetak lovers, it's body color scheme very different compared to other 125cc Segments scooters.

Bajaj's electric vehicle sub-brand, Urbanite, is working on a new electric scooter, which was tested today. According to our sources, the new upcoming e-scooter will bear the famous Chetak Moniker. Chetak brand was Bajaj's best selling product at the beginning of the decade. But with the advent of new products with advanced features and emission norms, some other competitors, Bajaj had to withdraw from the scooter segment altogether. However, now the brand Urbanite is back in the filed, but with an electric option scooter.

Bajaj E-Chetak Design and Comfort:

The spy pictures have given us a fair idea about the scooter's design. Its bodywork features smooth curves a la the Vespas and a circular headlamp reminiscent of the Chetak. Even the alloy wheels follow a retro design. The D-shaped rear-view mirrors should offer a nice balance of form and functionality too. Expect the lighting system to be all-LED which should not only conserve energy but also add a touch of modernity. In all probability, the instrument cluster will be a fully digital unit and is likely to get smartphone connectivity as well.

Bajaj E-Chetak Engine Performance:

When I saw the e-scooter first demo riding in Pune city, it was easy to drive at a speed of 70 km / h. It was also seen bench-marking against the Aether, so it is more than the e-scooter will be decently equipped with a quieter motor engine. Motor performance is likely to be a brushless DC-unit attached to the rear-less wheel via a belt drive. The lithium-ion battery will provide the juice needed for this E-scooter.


  • An advance charging option available in Bajaj E-Chetak Scooter, which makes them advance gen.E-Scooter
  • Big storage in under the seating area, which more than good compare to petrol sources scooters
  • The whole body builds a unique primer look.
  • Instruments console Fully digital with a chrome finish.
  • It is safe to assume Chetak's electric powertrain and the electronic system will be technically sound and reliable.
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The scooter has been designed in a very different way so that it is comfortable to every age group people scooter can maintain its existence in the Indian market, so now it can be told better only after its launch.

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