Are you fed up of using Money Back Coupons which takes a lot of time? Then, be happy. Here, I’ve come up with one of the most popular Cash Back Apps “Ibotta”. Ibotta App is the best Grocery Cash Back Apps through which you can save so much money. Many of you will be confused to choose between the Coupons and Rebate Apps. So, I’m sharing my honest thoughts on Ibotta or Ibotta Reviews with you.

In our daily life, grocery shopping is the top most expenses. So, Ibotta is the best app to reduce your grocery shopping expenses. Through Ibotta you can earn cashback when you do grocery shopping (or) buy movie tickets. I’m using this app for several months and earning $15 to & $20 every month. I’m here to provide you Ibotta Reviews so that it will be helpful for you while working with Ibotta.

Ibotta Reviews – Apps that Pay You to Shop

In this Ibotta App Review, I’m going to cover What is Ibotta, How Ibotta Works, How to use Ibotta app, How to get Cash Back, and to prove you that “is Ibotta Legit”?

What is Ibotta App?

Ibotta is a free online app that allows you to shop and get cash back on groceries and even on movie tickets. In Ibotta, there will be some rebates cash back, where you have to perform some tasks to unlock those Ibotta Rebates to get Cashback. Once, these rebates are unlocked you can go and make your purchases in any approved stores.

How does Ibotta Work?

  • I’ve seen there are two ways to get started with Ibotta. Either you can visit and begin the signup process or you can simply download Ibotta App for free on your mobile or on your computer.
  • Now, open the app and you can see various stores near you, and by clicking on the store, you can see all the items they pay cash back on and how much each rebate is.
  • Select the items you want to buy and unlock the rebates by doing some tasks.
  • Now, go to near by store and purchase the items of your wish.
  • Then upload your receipts for cash back by just scanning the barcodes available on the receipts and get Cashback for shopping you have done within 48 hours to your Paypal or Venmo or you can also choose Ibotta Gift Cards.
  • Withdrawing the cash is the easiest way. You  can  just expand the profile link and click on “withdraw cash.”

I promise, that you will definitely be happy with this app and you can earn cash back on every item and save so much money every month.

What Stores can you get Cash Back?

You can question me that “What Stores can I get Cash Back”? I will definitely answer your question.

The most simple way to know which store that provides cash back is to visit and join Ibotta. It shows you the stores which offer cash back on the items. Along with Grocery Stores, you can also find stores like CVS, Dollar General, and Gas Stations near you.

Types of Ibotta App Rebates

There are two types of rebates in the Apps like Ibotta – Generic Rebates and Brand Specific Rebates.

I’ve purchased most of the items which are having Brand Specific Rebates because these are more specific and pay more than Generic Rebates. I used to get $.25-$3 for every product that is having Brand Specific Rebates.

Generic Rebates pays the less amount but it is amazing as you can buy any brand. For example, I have seen a $.25 rebate for a carton of milk. It doesn’t matter what type of milk I buy,  I will earn $.25 just for purchasing as long as $.25 rebate is available on my receipt.

But in the case of Brand Specific Rebates, these pay only from $.25-$3 for any item. For example, if I bought 1 box of general mills cereal, then I can still purchase any one of their cereals, but it must be a general mills brand to get the rebate.

How does Ibotta Pay?

Once your reaches $20, Ibotta App pays you via PayPal or Venmo and your money will be in your account within 48 hours. Recently, Ibotta has included gift cards as a form of payment but with only a few options like Amazon and Walmart that start at $25.

How to earn more money?

There will be Ibotta Referal Program. You can earn additional rebates from your teammates. There are bonus rebates available each month that gives you a few dollar bonus. At this time you’ll earn $5 for every teammate you refer to Ibotta, once they upload their first receipt.

Ibotta App Review – Pros & Cons

In my point of view, there are many advantages of Ibotta App compared to disadvantages.

Pros of Ibotta – One of the Best Cash Back Apps

  • Every week there will be some sort of rebate for any brand items.
  • The Ibotta Rebates are even available for fresh food like fresh meat, yogurt, cheese, etc.
  • Rebates for household items like Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, trash bags, etc.

Cons of Ibotta Cash Back App

  • There will be a temptation to try new things.

Is Ibotta Worth It?

Doubtlessly, Ibotta is worth it and it is also legal. In a month I have earned $20. If I continue like this, at the end of the year I will definitely earn $200. Till now, I never had any issues with the payment and I have earned so much money through Ibotta when compared to other grocery shopping apps.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to use Ibotta App. It only takes a few minutes of time to see big rewards.

Thank you for reading my Reviews on Ibotta. I hope this Ibotta Reviews will be very much helpful to you.

Best Reviews on Ibotta App

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